Why Choose Klickl?

Our founder initiated a SPAC (stock code “DAOO”) in Dec. 2021 and successfully listed on NASDAQ, demonstrating our strength as a company

We hold regulatory licenses from 9 countries, including Abu Dhabi ADGM, Canada MSB, Dubai PSP and Singapore SPI, making us one of the most compliant platforms in the industry

With the help of a team of experienced Wall Street traders and blockchain experts, we constantly innovate and create new business models and technologies

Our platform was established in 2017 and has established good relationships with nearly 100 global enterprises, maintaining a solid track record of service and cooperation

As an outstanding ToC service platform, we serve over 1 million global users, allowing us to stay relevant to the market and maintain flexibility in providing more applicable services

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Product & Technical Advantages

We are the only Regulated B2B full stack solution provider for digital assets that is able to serve non-technical clients
  • You can get ampleuser traffic.
  • You can retain and expand market share.
  • Cross-selling can help increase your profitability
  • You can quickly adjust yourtechnological development direction based on market changes
  • You can seize market opportunities more quickly
  • Allows for easy customization.
  • You can choose independent modules based on your needs and market participation.
  • Targeting B2B and retail cross-selling can increase profit margins.

Compliance advantage

  • Klickl places great emphasis on compliance and security, building a global security framework, and implementing a system of responsibility to ensure the trust of our international clients.
  • Currently, Klickl has obtained financial regulatory licenses from nine countries, including ADGM in Abu Dhabi, UAE; MSB in Canada and SPI in Singapore, making us one of the platforms with the most compliance licenses in the industry

  • Additionally, Klickl has been granted three compliance licenses for digital asset custody, broker-dealer, and trading in principle by Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM). Within the ADGM compliance regulatory framework, these licenses attribute to Klickl’s strong risk assessment awareness and long-term compliant operating strategy. In the future, these compliance licenses will enable Klickl to provide strategic services based on cryptocurrencies or other digital assets to a wider audience

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