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Spot Trading

Buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies anytime, anywhere; access your assets, trade, and build your future financial investment portfolio

At the beginning of the partnership, the platform’s initial development, setup, and integration costs were low. During the partnership, further functionality can be added with corresponding discounted rates. Upon the end of the partnership tenure, renewal fees can be negotiated based on the platform’s operation and partnership situation

Accumulating six years of technology and operation experience, we can assist the platform to be launched in as little as two weeks with our proprietary technology, brand, and patent transfer

Integrations can be customized according to specific needs, and partners can independently select modules to operate

Institutional-level architecture and powerful security framework tested and proven with multiple verifications that comply with global standards.

Share liquidity and trading depth, as well as media, channel, market, and brand resources

Independently orchestrated registration for users, proprietary technology and transfer of know how

OTC Trading

Bank-grade user data encryption, dynamic identity verification, multi-level risk identification, and control mechanisms to ensure security of transactions. The wallet has multiple layers of encryption, offline cold storage, and a multi-layered security system to maximize safety of transaction

With a simple to implement yet robust architecture, you can ensure efficient and speedy fiat and cryptocurrency transaction matching, achieve real-time dissemination of information thru push notifications, update trading K-line spontaneously, and have multiple data analysis of trading, market depth and information displays on the same screen interface

Provide one-stop service such as identification of market demands, developing corresponding provision of solutions, construction of platform with customized development, and post-maintenance

The trading platform can add basic functions such as real-time IM instant messaging

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Futures Trading

Klickl’s contract market has strong liquidity and diverse trading types, allowing you to achieve lightning-fast transactions

Easily manage your assets through Klickl’s powerful, highly reliable, and scalable APIs, trading platforms, advanced order systems, and matching engines

Proprietary multi-market order technology enhances liquidity and can tighten spreads and reduce slippage

Expands the selection to use other cryptocurrency types as margin for USDT-based contract trading and allows users to trade USDT-based contracts leveraging on multiple margin assets

Exchange aggregates trading allowing for a stable K-line which is more immune to market fluctuations

Full position and isolated margin mode options; the tier based stop-lost mechanism allows for gradual margin liquidation according to user margin mode settings thereby effectively enhancing the safety of the user entire asset portfolio

Real time trading on the platform realising real time quotations and user transactions

Copy Trading

Follow trading experts to make trades


Automatic trading

Set up automatic trading after following an expert


Simple and convenient

You can copy one or multiple traders’strategies and enjoy high returns easily. Each copy trading strategy profit can be independently assessed, and the profit data is displayed in real-time. You can also modify the allocation of your asset amounts of each copy trading strategy and stop copying or close positions to take profits at any time

News & Alerts

Providing users with a community platform with content contributed by top-tier investors that shares the latest blockchain news and market trends to facilitate better communication, discussion, and sharing among users

24/7 industry-leading information updates, delivering the latest news content to the user’s mobile home screen.

Providing comprehensive and professional news coverage from multiple financial and technology media outlets on the blockchain

Using associated keyword algorithms, the fastest, most accurate, and most authoritative information in regards to different types of asset trading are made available to help users make trading decisions quickly

Real-trading guidance from top investors and trading experts can help users better understand market trends and price movements, thus making more informed trading decisions

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Simulation Trading

Users can practice trading skills without investing money by following the real trading process and operating methods, using free simulated margins, and becoming familiar with the trading model while practicing trading skills

Users can create competition without investing money and earn real bonuses through simulated trading. Users can also compete with friends using simulated assets or bet with real money; the winner takes the prize

Agent Management

Helps you quickly organize agent structures, build agent relationships in complex scenarios, and manage agent levels and basic information conveniently

Supports customized settlement methods and diversified settlement cycles to meet your various settlement needs

Customers can systematically manage the platform through the backend portal and quickly grasp relevant data in operation

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Referral & Commission

Helps businesses quickly establish referral link system with powerful functions, helping merchants achieve an unified overall management of finance, settlement, order, and fund usage under one system, hence improving management efficiency and achieving flexible settlement cycle effects

You can independently set the distribution ratio of commissions and define this ratio accordingly

Developed according to the different needs of different enterprises, it constructs a user-oriented core marketing promotion plan, and achieves multi-channel whether online or offline promotion and sales

Task Center

Quickly deploy to cloud servers, with programs and data stored on private servers to ensure data security

Covering basic tasks, advanced tasks, etc., while adding more features according to customer needs to meet their diverse operational needs

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Self Custody


Powerful wealth management service platform comprising of various products such as staking, lending, or participation in DeFi that are recognized by customers globally

Covering mainstream financial management methods such as staking, lending, or participation in DeFi

Using cloud node services, offline signature systems, cold/hot wallets, and other technical means to ensure the flow and efficiency of financial functions.

Adopting top-level security measures and a comprehensive risk control system to ensure the security of customer financial assets.