Blockchain Project Incubator

A one-stop blockchain global service platform committed to provide an all-rounded development platform; helping excellent entrepreneurial projects incubate and materialise. It offers a one-stop service for blockchain companies, including industry consultation, project planning, tech architecture design, legal compliance, resource allocation, business models, project design and token issuance

Cooperative advantages

It ensures that the project’s qualifications are legal and compliant, the team is thoroughly reviewed, and the project can be implemented rather than just a dream

Technological support


Providing one-stop support for trading platforms, wallets, public chains, etc

Operational support


The most selection of highest-quality media and community resources

Funding support


Top venture capital and strong institutional participation

Compliance support


Legal consultation, documentation support coupled with professional legal advisors

Financial Advise


 Wall Street investment bank experts guide the entire service process

Global support


Global network in Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Dubai, etc


Service Advantages

As a holistic blockchain service provider, Klickl assists in various stages of the project development and establishes brand advantages for the blockchain projects. Klickl fosters traditional and ecommerce enterprises to better integrate with blockchain technology and by doing so, establishes itself to be the preferred service partner in the blockchain industry

IMarketing Consultancy


Klickl has established partnerships with globally renowned institutions, media platforms, and other regional market leaders to jointly promote the development of the global digital assets market

Quantitative Management

Klickl’s trading team, with 50 years of experience from Wall Street, can provide various customized services

Unparalleled quantitative market-making service

Klickl's proprietary intelligent algorithm trading strategy provides flexible active and passive solutions for projects, increasing the organic growth in market depth and liquidity

Alpha strategy encrypted asset management service

The flexible parameter high-frequency and low-latency quantitative strategy can bring stable profit income to clients' scattered idle funds. Klickl's passive and low-risk trading strategy enables clients to handle encrypted transactions through social trading rules easily

Over-the-counter (OTC) trading services

Klickl's global alliance network and OTC primary trading community secures the best trading counterparts for clients and provides the optimal cost of real-time transactions for clients with minimum market impact

Cryptocurrency market data and professional investment research services

Klickl's world-class professional cryptocurrency investment research team provides clients with 24/7 coverage of the cryptocurrency market, helping investors grasp the latest market intelligence through a combination of fundamentals, technical analysis, and news highlights

Professional order execution strategy service

A customizable trading execution service that allows different types of investors to execute their market views more effectively. The trading methods are flexible and variable, and the unique memory system program provides great convenience for clients to place orders

Private Domain Traffic Conversion

Full Value Chain Solution in Marketing

Build a full value chain solution with WhatsApp/Facebook and other social private domain marketing as the core, to create a multi-dimensional product including empowerment service for customers, social media attraction + private domain operation + building customer loyalty+ growing market domain and size + practical training, to help cross-border and overseas local brands achieve sales growth

Full process operation tools to create a closed loop of enterprise digital marketing


1. Customer attraction

Using intelligent tools such as FB-crm to achieve customer attraction

2. Private domain operation

Using intelligent marketing tools such as FB-crm to increase customer retention

3.Sales conversion

Using SCRM intelligently manage the marketing system to build customer loyalty and maintain customer relationship


Using KocShop, distribution micro-store, etc., to ultimately reaching out the multi-level social relationship chain

Customer Scenario

Combining Retail store online and offline

Our online real time customer service brings seamless connection with customers, combining the retail sales to further improve store orders and influence

B2B customer recruitment and sales management

Use Facebook marketing automation tool/WhatsApp SCRM to accurately explore B-side customers, and use WhatsApp SCRM to ensure the preservation and safety of customer’s digital assets and avoid losing orders

Online flow to private domain

Transfer the flow of advertising placement/social media fans to the social private domain, achieve the character transformation from fans to members to distributors, developing the personal value and social value of users

Marketing and collection of overseas finance

By combining WhatsApp SCRM system and WhatsApp private domain, we can increase the efficiency of the collection

Compliance Solution

Icon 8 Smart Contract

Compliance Solutions

Leverage deep financial intelligence and high flexibility to navigate today’s complex global financial markets and protect your business and customers

Our Services

Licensing Compliance Service: Klickl has a global regulatory framework thanks to our compliance operating strategy and professional compliance service team. Klickl’s licensing compliance service team is willing to work closely with you and channel partners to make your business more compliant and ultimately operate within a compliant regulatory framework.

Financial Risk Assessment: Measure and manage credit risk, market risk, regulatory capital, and derivative valuation adjustments of your trading counterparties using the latest analysis and techniques such as fully vectorized pricing libraries, machine learning, and scalable big data stacks.

KYC Service: Alleviate the burden of KYC and ensure that entity data, document collection, tax file verification, regulatory agreements and self-declarations, legal credit agreements, and operational setting information are complete, accurate, and up-to-date in every jurisdiction and accounting location you operate.

Company Daily Operations: Monitor and manage the risks and complexity of company operations using a proven validation strategy, custody services, and an industry-leading corporate action processing platform, reducing costs

Security Solution

Klickl’s professional team audits your website code and environment to identify risks

Provide you with audit report suggestions to help you fix digital wallet vulnerabilities

Verify smart contracts to ensure secure on-chain deployment

Icon 7 Global Transaction Security 1 2

Financial Investment Solution

In the Web3 era, Klickl leverages its leading industry experience to provide customers with secure, easy-to-use, and efficient financial management solutions, empowering the blockchain ecosystem

Service Categories

Users can choose investment types, amounts, and terms independently and earn returns

Through DeFi (decentralized finance), users can explore more diversified investment portfolios and increase their wealth

Securitized assets are collateralized for loans after careful examination by Klickl’s powerful risk management system

Fiat On/Off Ramp & Bank Account Service

Create a corporate account.

Klickl is a safe, reliable, and easy-to-use platform which has a global regulatory framework, ideal for investing and protecting corporate assets. Through Klickl, you can reduce transaction costs, earn balance rewards, and diversify your corporate assets

Who is it for?


Regular Businesses

Klickl is an ideal place to invest some or all of your business funds in cryptocurrencies and securely hold them


Startups and SMES

Want to accept customer cryptocurrencies or provide cryptocurrency bonuses to employees? Klickl has got you covered


Crypto Businesses

Already a player in the crypto industry? Rely on Klickl for fast, low-cost transactions, with unparalleled ease of use and secure storage advantages

Why choose Klickl?

Klickl’s industry-leading, state-of-the-art isolated storage system is designed to support the highest security standards, giving you peace of mind

Klickl demonstrates the highest commitment to data security and strictly adheres to regulations and national registration and licensing requirements in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and other regions. Klickl leads the crypto world in adhering to best practices

Klickl supports nearly 10 major national languages, including Chinese and English, and multiple national currency options – as well as fast access to a carefully selected list of the world’s most popular and widely traded

Klickl’s fiat-to-crypto gateway and white-label solutions simplify the entry into Web 3, making crypto more accessible

Icon 4 Digital Banking


Provide regulated custody solutions for your Crypto assets

Access custody, brokerage, DeFi, and financing services through Klickl, built on a regulated infrastructure. Klickl is a one-stop solution for all your digital asset needs.

Klickl Asset Management Services, suitable for any type & size of business

Corporations and Enterprises

Integrate digital assets into your financial strategy, allowing you to issue and manage your digital assets freely.

Qualified Investors

Convert non-collateralized assets into liquid tokens, releasing capital while shifting towards alpha returns

Exchanges, Brokers, and OTC Traders

Leverage your resources and advantages in traditional custody to enable global institutions to operate in the emerging cryptocurrency world.

Banks and Fintech Providers

Integrate digital asset products into your business model, regardless of your identity

Custodians & Infrastructure Providers

Leverage your resources and advantages in traditional custody to enable global institutions to operate in the emerging cryptocurrency world.

Asset Management Firms

Access new asset classes and diversify custody risks through a trusted custodian network in all major jurisdictions.

While safeguarding customer asset security, Klickl supports clients in engaging in diversified trading activities and provides auxiliary management tools. Klickl can help clients solve various custody issues in multiple scenarios

Multi-level security architecture

Klickl's storage system adopts MPC technology, multi-signature technology, and multi-factor authentication, combined with hardware isolation for asset project management; it also uses whitelists and customizable withdrawal approval processes to enhance account security levels

Compliance/anti-money laundering for asset management

Klickl can provide top-notch security services, helping investors avoid money laundering, terrorist financing, and other criminal activities, such as cryptocurrency trading fraud. KYT services enable clients to automatically detect and remove high-risk trading behavior in asset pools; KYC services help clients understand the profile and transaction purpose of counterparties and create client risk profiles

Encryption and disaster recovery

Secure encrypted storage for critical data and information, along with comprehensive disaster recovery plans and multi-vendor real-time backups, to avoid data loss risks

7*24h full-link supervision

Klickl provides a full-link activity monitoring system, which automatically monitors deposit and withdrawal transaction processes according to customer-defined policies, ensuring all transaction requests are processed according to established procedural norms

Customized withdrawal approval processes

Different investors and institutions have different custody requirements based on their activity levels, currencies, and holdings. Klickl collaborates with each client to tailor unique solutions to meet their specific requirements

Developer custody API and SDK

Klickl's unique API is powerful, scalable, and flexible for integration, accessible to any engineer. Klickl also provides SDKs for Java, PHP, and Node.js languages for development

One-on-one customer support

At Klickl, customer service is paramount. Klickl's team of experts provides 24-hour consultation to address any issues.

Custody Services: Secure, Compliant, Efficient

Klickl provides industry-recognized, secure, compliant, and efficient asset custody services, helping clients efficiently and conveniently conduct digital asset businesses

Klickl combines MPC (Multi-Party Computation) with hardware isolation, offline signing, link auditing, and other leading technologies to securely store and transfer digital assets, providing the most impregnable system in the market

Through DeFi (decentralized finance), users can explore more diversified investment portfolios and increase their wealth

Klickl ensures the simplicity of digital asset workflows, allowing clients to customize their deposit, withdrawal, and freeze automation approval processes, and use portfolio management tools to easily manage their blockchain businesses. Klickl also provides APIs, enabling you to quickly integrate the technology and fully automate your transaction processes, thus eliminating unnecessary hassle in development.