Klickl Pay Key Differentiators

Easy and Fast Implementation

Step by step guidance provided by the technical service team to assist the client to effortlessly install and implement the system

Global Payment Service

Integrates compliance, payment, cross-border payment, wallet account, back office management, exchange, escrow and other functions into one interface, assisting enterprises to launch their global business ecology

Aggregate global multi-currency payment channels

Aggregate hundreds of currencies regardless of fiat currency or cryptocurrency with more than 10 payment methods and channels into one centralised interface access point allowing clients to have complete control over their transactions

Multiple Regulatory Compliance Mechanisms

Integrates various features such as cryptocurrency “travel rule” and fiat anti-money laundering identification methods, thus providing strong support for enterprises to comply to regulatory requirements and reducing corporate compliance costs

Flexible exchange of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies with better exchange rates

Holding multi-fiat currency corporate bank accounts and owning multiple cryptocurrency institutional accounts, minimising intermediary spreads and ultimately helping customers optimize exchange rate costs

Payment Gateway


Fast Integration

Creating and verifying an enterprise account can be completed in 3 to 5 minutes


Easy Integration

Integrating Klickl's payment solution is very simple, no matter what merchant tools you use


Flexible Settlement

We support multiple payment methods, including fiat currency, cryptocurrencies, and various bank transfer methods (ACH, SEPA, FPS)


Cross-border payments

Driven by the notion of ”payment without borders“, we are committed to providing compliant, safe and convenient cross-border payment services to assist multinational enterprises service their global markets

Based on a global regulatory framework requirements, we have strict measures to ensure compliance is maintained and continuously improved.

aggregates mainstream cryptocurrencies such as BTC, USDT and other fiat currencies such as USD, HKD and Dirham, and includes more than 10 commonly used payment channels such as digital money and credit cards

In-depth research on payment habits of different countries, covering 200+ regions, with multiple mainstream languages in Chinese and English, helping you to open the global market easily

In-depth research on payment habits of different countries, covering 200+ regions, with multiple mainstream languages such as English and Mandarin, helping you to break into the global market easily

Holding multi-fiat currency corporate bank accounts and owning multiple cryptocurrency institutional accounts, effectively reducing the cost of fees

Multi-prong services made available on one platform making global payments possible via flexible settlement methods

Online Payment

Seamless integration for end-to-end payment processing

Covering 200+ countries and regions worldwide, ensuring secure and transparent transactions throughout the process.

One-click to enable popular payment plugins from global platforms. Control your funds and transactions securely via the account dashboard. Connect to thousands of banks and local payment methods through a single API integration, empowering you to expand your global business quickly

Connect to local routing in multiple countries to reduce intermediate fees, making transactions more convenient and cost-effective. Our stable transaction system and precise risk management engine ensure a higher success rate than our peers

Our powerful anti-fraud system accurately screen out fraudulent transactions. Our multi-scenario transaction model and automatic big data engine algorithm ensure fast and secure processing of legitimate transactions

Choose settlement methods according to your needs for greater autonomy and convenience throughout the transaction process. Our flexible margin policy supports multi-currency settlement, empowering your business to grow rapidly


OTC Trading


Support multiple payment methods

Support various channels of payment such as bank cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc., to facilitate quick transactions for buyers and sellers


Real-time control

Supports multiple versions such as WEB and APP, ensuring that users can trade quickly anytime and anywhere with a high-quality user experience to meet different customer needs


Safe and stable

Multiple security technologies, such as cold storage, SSL, and multiple encryption methods, are used in a layered and progressive manner, ensuring safety is never compromised

cloud server

Cloud Wallet

Supportscryptocurrencies from multiple mainstream protocols The platform supports the deposit and withdrawal of multiple cryptocurrencies from different mainstream protocols, providing convenience for users while lowering the barriers of entry for the use of digital assets

Support deposit and withdrawal of multiple main chain currencies to provide convenient usage while reducing the barrier for using cryptographic assets

Under any circumstances, we will implement guaranteed security measures for user assets, with a unique offline cold storage system to ensure maximum asset safety

Using different customer terminals, payments can be made through scanning QR codes, transfers, and other preferred payment methods, enabling global digital currency or cash payments and receipts between different wallet accounts

Web3 Wallet

Low-cost development, multi-node and multi-server support to ensure efficient and fast operation services and data storage

Multi-node, flexible cryptocurrency settings and multi-language support can add and integrate new workflows and features to your business

Klickl has always been committed to expanding its functional modules to provide services to more industries and regions

Klickl’s wallet features can be widely integrated and applied in various use-case scenarios, providing end users with secure, convenient, and easy-to-use wallet features

Klickl has established a comprehensive risk control system to ensure the security of user wallets and account assets; in addition, Klickl’s solutions comply with international financial standards such as ISO

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Hardware POS

We process offline payments, which can be made by scanning the payment QR code that are instantly debited to your business accountR code

Stable collection and fast payment, worry-free transaction

Simple payment interface, completed in one second

Suitable for various payment scenarios



Based on a global regulatory framework requirements, we have strict measures to ensure compliance is maintained and continuously improved.

Applications and data are centrally deployed, managed, and maintained, which reduces operation and maintenance costs and strengthens the reuse of system functions. It supports customers to conduct custody business operations under both the head and branch offices

Rich parameters and configurations support various types of products to operate on a unified platform, and the concept of configuration-based development can timely respond to changes in external business rules, such as transactions, settlements, and accounting rules. By integrating internal resources of the custody institution, such as core payment and notification platform systems, the custody service capability of the institution is improved, and its core competitiveness is enhanced

Supporting multiple-day and multi-portfolio business processing mechanisms significantly improves business processing efficiency. Meanwhile, the multiple reconciliation processing mechanisms ensures the accuracy of the system

Blockchain Wallet

The system can be configured with various functions based on the customer’s choice, such as mode switching, which can be operated freely anytime and anywhere

By utilizing blockchain technology, the system’s application functionality can be extended to integrate with other related applications

The system can easily integrate with various third-party platforms