Spot Trading


Deep market liquidity depth

The platform’s sophisticated matching engine ensures high performance with up to 1.5 million transactions per second


Supports cryptocurrencies from multiple mainstream protocols

The platform supports the deposit and withdrawal of multiple cryptocurrencies from different mainstream protocols, providing convenience for users while lowering the barriers of entry for the use of digital assets


Security and stability

Under any circumstances, we will implement security measures for user assets, including unique offline cold storage, to ensure maximum asset security


Trading friendly

The platform is available on IOS, Android, PC, WEB, and H5 portals. It offers various user friendly trading preset modes such as one-click purchase, swap, market order, limit order, stop-loss, and take-profit. The platform also supports multiple mainstream languages, including English and Chinese

OTC Trading


Trade with Ease

Our platform facilitates the quick and efficient matching of fiat and cryptocurrency transactions


Multiple Channels

We offer multiple channels for depositing and withdrawing funds, making it easy for users to operate on our platform and expanding our audience


Robust Risk Management

Our platform utilizes a comprehensive and secure risk control mechanism to safeguard the security of user deposits and withdrawals

Futures Trading

Our platform utilizes a powerful, highly reliable, scalable matching system to ensure optimal performance

We offer a unique joint margin perpetual contract that eliminates the need for exchanging of cryptocurrencies, maximizes efficiency of fund utilization, and allows for hedging with joint margin to enjoy double asset gains. Our tier-based liquidation mechanism ensures safety of trading deposits, and we support both long and short positions with high leverage

Our platform provides professional trading tools, including K-line technical analysis indicators, drawing tools, multiple order strategies, and copy-trading

We offer diverse trading functions, including preset take-profit and stop-loss orders, take-profit and stop-loss orders based on yield ratio, lightning-fast liquidation of orders, reverse opening positions, position reversal, isolated and cross margin, planned orders, and more

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Our platform offers U-based perpetual contracts covering mainstream coins and innovative blockchain projects. We support contract trading for major coins and popular project coins

Quantitative traders can query historical and market data for trading pairs, analyze data, develop mathematical models, and devise trading strategies using our open API

Our platform supports fully-follow, amount-based, and percentage-based copy trading modes, allowing users to configure their preferred copy trading method according to their risk control needs. Join us now and start trading!

News & Alerts

On our community platform, we share the latest blockchain news and market trends for our trading and investment community and our users can better communicate, discuss and share their trading views amongst each other

We provide 24/7 cutting-edge push notifications, and deliver the latest industry information content to your phone’s main screen in real time

We offer comprehensive and professional news coverage, integrating content from multiple blockchain, financial, and technology media channels

We use associated keyword algorithms to push the fastest, most accurate, and most authoritative information for different trading varieties, helping users make more intelligent and informed trading decisions

Real-time trading operations by top investors and trading masters can help users better understand market and price trends, making more informed trading decisions

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Simulation Trading Contest

Simulated Trading allows users to practice trading skills and familiarize themselves with trading patterns by following the process and methods of real trading, without the need to invest any capital. With free simulated margins, users can simulate trading activities and gain experience in a risk-free environment

Create a contest and compete with other users in a simulated trading environment. No capital investment is required to participate in the competition, and users can earn real prizes through simulated trading. Additionally, users can participate in simulated competitions using real digital assets, betting real money and competing with friends to see who has the highest rate of return. The winner takes the prize money. Join our simulated competition now to improve your trading skills and win real rewards

Agent Management

We help you quickly organize your agency structure and establish complex agent relationships while conveniently managing agency hierarchies and basic information

We provide profit-sharing models tailored to platform, agent, and distribution formats, as well as comprehensive and open profit-sharing APIs. You can freely choose according to your business needs and easily achieve efficient profit-sharing in different scenarios

We support customized settlement methods and a diverse range of settlement cycles to meet your various settlement needs

We provide easy-to-use accounting displays, checks, and error handling for different reconciliation subjects and scenarios. Our efficient financial reconciliation ensures clear data logic and accurate financial data, enabling you to efficiently complete various types of reconciliation and reduce financial costs.

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Referral & Commission

It can help businesses quickly establish a referral commission feature. The system is robust and helps merchants manage finances, settlements, order tracking, and fund flow, and it improves management efficiency, achieving flexible settlement cycles

You can independently set the distribution commission ratio and define the commission ratio by yourself

Developed based on the different needs of different businesses, it creates a user-centric core marketing promotion plan and achieves multi-channel whether online or offline promotion and sales

Rewards Hub System

Our rewards hub system can be quickly deployed on a cloud server to ensure your rewards hub is up and running in the shortest possible time. Additionally, our program and data are stored on a private server to ensure the security of your data

Our team provides comprehensive customer service to ensure the smooth operation of your rewards hub system. If you experience any issues during operation, we will repair them for you at no additional charge, greatly reducing your maintenance costs and improving the stability of the system

With 24-hour dedicated personnel providing detailed operation guidance and answering questions, as well as providing comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services.

Icon 16 Investment Portfolio

Quantitative Trading

Includes both spot and contract trading, covering mainstream cryptocurrencies and forex strategy systems

ncluding but not limited to cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks, and more

Including strategy implementation, adjustment, monitoring, warning, reporting, authorization settings, and system logs

Providing a simulation environment for parameter debugging, with professional strategy guidance provided in the strategy section. Daily live market-making operations only require fine-tuning of parameters according to market-making needs

With 24-hour dedicated personnel providing detailed operation guidance and answering questions, as well as providing comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services